Meaningful Experiences Specialty Care Program

The Meaningful Experiences specialty care program is a unique and innovative program provided with our residents in Memory Care. Each resident is assessed for their specific processing (or cognitive) abilities and gifts. We interpret the information to tailor and deliver wellness programming in a way that makes sense to each individual. By focusing on a person’s residual strengths, we can individualize our approach to allow each person to participate fully for them.

We focus on these six dimensions of wellness:

  • Social — This refers to the quality of our relationships and interactions with others, this program’s goal is to offer opportunities to foster a sense of belonging, support, and connection within our community members- other residents, friends, family, and staff. Allow for and create times to laugh, engage to their level at that time, and share in experiences with others.
  • Physical — We focus on maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle that engages residents in regular movement, focused on strength, flexibility, and balance. This program’s goal is to offer engagement in moving, stretching, playing, and independence.
  • Intellectual — Engaging the brain in creative pursuits and mental stimulation. Providing the “just right” level of challenge to the mind to keep each person as sharp as possible. This program’s goal is to provide positive praise to residents and meet residents where they are and encourage them to express themselves and engage.
  • Spiritual — This area centers around finding meaning, purpose, and connection in life. Nurturing spiritual wellness can lead to a sense of inner peace, mindfulness, and connection to the world around us. This program’s goal is to offer opportunities for spiritual connection (faith based if chosen) and self-care opportunities.
  • Occupational —This is about finding satisfaction and fulfillment in activities that occupy one’s time. Experiencing a sense of purpose, meaning, and accomplishment is the focus. This program’s goal is to offer enhanced care strategies in supporting independence while meeting residents’ current need level to engage in their day.
  • Emotional — The ability to be in touch with one’s feelings and cope with adversity, fostering resilience in the face of challenges. Expressing feelings through art, movement, voicing perceptions, and communication are all part of emotional wellness. This program’s goal is dedicated to offering outlets for emotions and encouraging self-expression and connection.
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Being new to living by myself, this is a great place to be. Everyone at Maple Hill Senior Living is so nice. [+]

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